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Sinead Lynch BA (Hons)

Location: Strabane, Co Tyrone

Country : Northern Ireland
QualificationsHonours Degree in Theology, Usui Reiki Master Teacher HTSO, Psychic Reiki™ Master Teacher HTSO,
NLP practitioner, Diploma in Spiritual Workshop Faciliation (Chrissi Astell),
Certificate in Life Coaching/ Hypnotherapy(C.H.A.T.S)
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mobile:       0044(0)7792183429

Sinead is a REIKI Therapist and Teacher.
Please contact her to book an individual Reiki session or workshop.   

With continued support & encouragement as a Reiki Master/ Teacher with HTSO Sinead has embarked on opening her own healing business

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Reiki 1 Derry/L'Derry Northern Ireland  
Reiki 2 Derry/L'Derry Northern Ireland  
Reiki 3 Master Practitioner Derry/L'Derry Northern Ireland  
  Psychic Reiki All Levels Derry/L'Derry Northern Ireland  

My first introduction to Reiki was in 2009 when I attended Reiki 1 workshop facilitated by Joanne McMillan. A painful 8 years prior to 2009 led me there and since then my own personal transformation has been an incredible journey of rocks and sand!
So like a 'Phoenix rising up from the ashes', I feel truly blessed and humbled in my new role as a HTSO Reiki Master/Teacher and I am in a privileged position to be able to share this wonderful Divine gift with existing and prospective clients/students.
My journey would not have been possible without asking for the help, guidance and direction of my magnificent Angels and guides, (especially Archangel Raphael who oversees the preparation and delivery of my workshops). Not only am I able to teach others how to access this amazing universal energy, but I myself continue to learn from those people I meet.
This I believe, creates a powerful giving and receiving synergy and offers a solid platform from where we can continue on our soul journeys together.
The Reiki journey is one of self awareness, self empowerment, inner/outer transformation & personal growth. Reiki can be used not only as a catalyst for healing but a means to energising everyday life and improving relationships with those around us.
I look forward to welcoming existing/prospective clients/students and I hope your experience of our HTSO workshops will ignite a life long commitment within to fulfill all of your dreams and passions, believing that uniqueness and true perfection lies within each of us.

My personal motto is.......
" the shedding of the chrysalis is not the is only the beginning"
(Excerpt from the Introduction of 'Divine Diaries')
by Sinead Lynch, (Author).
Love & Light, Sinead


"I really,really enjoyed my Reiki1 workshop with Sinead. She's a wonderful teacher and an inspiration. I will recommend Reiki to everyone." Louise Kane

"I really enjoyed my Reiki2 workshop today. Sinead really explained everything well,also she is very friendly. I will recommend this workshop with Sinead to others" Donna Brown

" I have thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and I'm delighted to have got my Level 2 Attunement. Looking forward to using Reiki on a regular basis".... Siobhan Quinn.

" I really enjoyed the Reiki 1 workshop, Thank You" Enda Rafferty

"I would recommend this workshop to everyone. Sinead is a very good, kind and thoughtful teacher and she's knows what's she's doing. Thank you so much for teaching me too"   Julie McShane (Reiki 2)

"Reiki two- The most amazing experience we had. Sinead is the most inspirational and nicest person I have met. The spiritual energy was so evident from the moment  I walked into her room.
Thank you so much, Love & Light" Louise Kane

"Thank you so much for an amazing experience" Enda Rafferty (Reiki 2)

"Great day, many thanks." Marcella Campbell