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Coming to a HTSO run class: Student Benefits

HTSO workshops are professionally run by our well trained teachers supported by
comprehensive manuals and materials ensuring that every student will have
the best experience possible every time.

    • Ongoing support from your HTSO teacher.
    • For example, Refresher Evenings, Phone calls and Email support.
    •  Special discounts and offers
    • Regular Updates and Guidance
    • Free e newsletter and free downloads
    • Regular Social Media sites activity.

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Photo Left

Two Reiki Level 1 Students enjoying practising for the first time giving and receiving Reiki






Photo Right

Practising Reiki Self Treatment in a Reiki Level 1 class

reiki self



During a Psychic Reiki Advanced Workshop these wonderful Heavenly ORBS were present together with a butterfly; the symbol of Transformation! We were truly blessed.